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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Thoughts on Watermarking

  I disable right-clicking here on the blog and on my portfolio site. I provide un-watermarked, high res edited images to clients, as well as low res edited images that can be uploaded to social media sites, also without a watermark. When uploading images directly to Facebook, however, other than the tiny thumbnails that go […]

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The Domain That Got Away

Once upon a time, three friends put together a web site for a class project on information technology. But it wasn’t just any web site; it was an interactive culinary masterpiece. The friends loved creating this web site; it was a chance to cook together, and photograph, and video intricate steps and share dishes that […]

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Is It Cheating On A TV Diet If The TV’s in A Repository?

Friends, I’ve made it to – let’s count them – Day 17 of having a television-less household. Before we get too far, Let It Be Known I am not anti-tv. I am simply someone with too many things I want to do, and yet zero self-discipline to get them done when there is the possibility […]

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Book Pusher

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink. What an evocative beginning. I’m terrible at correctly remembering quotations, but that line from I Capture the Castle is burned in my brain. My well-worn hardcover with its crinkly dust jacket dates back to when my parents met and happened to be reading the same book; I […]

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