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On Deals, Promotions, Giveaways and Giving Back

Bid on me this Friday May 18th 6-9:30pm in the North Hall at Eastern Market!

Last fall I ran a deal with Certifikid, which was a great partnership. Since then, I offer deals exclusively through The Archiphotovist and Anne McDonough Photography – so check back often to see what’s cooking.

As a business and personally, what I like to do is donate time, services or cold hard cash to organizations or causes with which I have a personal connection. To that end, here are a few organizations I choose to work with. They may have nothing to do with archives, or photography, but they do speak to the life in between.

In DC:

*I donate a shoot per year to benefit a local educational institution. This year, the Little Scholars Child Development Center will auction off a family portrait session valued at $450. The auction is open to the public, so go on in and bid, this Friday May 18th 6-9:30pm in the North Hall at Eastern Market. Admission fee: $20.  Little Scholars is a childcare center for infants through pre-K; admission priority is given to those families who work at the Library of Congress, then the Legislative Branch as a whole, other federal government employees and then open to the public via a waitlist. All of the proceeds from the auction go to the tuition assistance program for lower income families whose children are enrolled.

I consider my clients’ suggestions when choosing the institution, so if you have a school you’d like me to know about, send the info my way. In a twist on the donation idea, I’ve also had clients purchase a session with me and donate it to the school of their choosing. Both options are available.

*Each year I donate an event shoot, valued at $400, to a local social services organization. The 2012 event has not yet been identified – if you have an organization you’d like me to consider, send the info my way!

*Cooking has always been a way for me to relax and have fun. Once or twice a month I share a hot meal with the ladies at Calvary Women’s Services. I’d anticipated that my all-veg menus might get a bit of pushback, but as it turns out there are always at least two other vegetarians, and those who aren’t don’t seem to mind a meatless meal. The organization also runs Sister Circle, which matches women in recovery with their own apartments, which are in turn outfitted through donations; if I have kitchen or other household items I’d like to pass along, they’re the first group I reach out to.

Calvary is moving to new digs this summer and will be able to serve even more residents. The center always welcomes new meals and overnight volunteers – contact Catherine Bisson if you’re interested in helping out!

*After a closet purge (which is like exercising: I don’t do it often enough, and it always feels so, so good when I’m done), I bring resaleable items over to Martha’s Outfitters. I’m committed to drive-by drop-offs; I am not allowed to shop there following a donation, otherwise I fill up the empty spaces I just created back at home. And sometimes I break that rule, like when I’ve been looking forever for a replacement for our gate-leg dining table, and after dropping off six bags of clothes I spy a gorgeous specimen for $30 just sitting there, waiting for me, mere inches from the Zipcar. Really, it would have been criminal to leave it behind.

Martha’s Outfitters is open for retail Tuesday-Saturday 9am-6pm and accepts clothing and household donations Tuesday-Saturday 7:30am-12 noon.


*The organization works towards equality in many arenas, but its marriage equality efforts are what first brought me to the Courage Campaign. I alternate between donations here and to Human Rights Campaign, which is headquartered right here in DC.

*My husband’s really the one who does the heavy lifting with Habitat for Humanity; he’s spent several spring breaks or time over the summer on annual Global Village trips working with families to help build or reconstruct housing. One day we’ll go on a trip together; until then, I donate an amount to match his ever-advancing age.


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