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Faces of Tracey: Friday’s Back to Basics

Some people change their look with the seasons. Others mourn a breakup with the requisite dramatic haircut, or celebrate one job (employment) with another (dye). Tracey Matthews takes the exercise to a whole new level, radically changing her hair and makeup on an almost daily basis. For one week this spring, Tracey and I met after she’d left work, to document the persona she’d created to present to the world that day.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

I’ve talked a bit before about what it takes to present yourself in front of the camera and allow someone – a complete stranger – to take your portrait. Not very many people are as comfortable in this position as Tracey showed herself to be. To wit: On the last day of our collaboration, she showed up sans ‘do, without makeup, and as into the experience as she’d been the whole week.

Here is Tracey, au naturel, and as gorgeous as ever.

Session Details

The look: Tracey, herself

Tracey’s a freelance makeup artist; you can book her via email, at

Tara - THURSDAY – Because she’s holding back everything . . . color, clothes, hair . . . but she gives you a little bit of it with that smile and then the smirk on the last two photos.

Amoure - Just as beautiful w/ makeup as she is w/o. And a personality to always want to be around.

Amoure - Although I love them all I’d have to say Thursday is my fav. I love that woman in blue hair.

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