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Blueberries for Sal (And Joe, Bob, Susie & Al!)

Occasionally I’ll be resurrecting some recipes from Reciplay and posting them here. I contributed this particular recipe to the site.

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These are the simplest, most delicious dessert dumplings you can make.

Warn your guests that the blueberries are extremely hot, or be prepared for curses headed your way. Frozen blueberries are a cheaper, season-neutral substitute for the filling; if using frozen fruit, don’t defrost them before wrapping the dumpling. I’ve made this with apples and strawberries as well, but nothing comes out as well as summertime blueberries (if using apples, trying using cinnamon and granulated sugar in lieu of powdered). There’s something about the blueberry skin holding in all of the great juice that really makes a difference.

1 package wonton wrappers, round or square; 1-2 packages fresh blueberries; 2 cups powdered sugar; 3 cups vegetable or canola oil

1. Set out a small bowl of water and a dry, clean surface to put the wrapped dumplings.
2. Take a wrapper, place two blueberries in the center, wet the edges of the wrapper and fold the dumpling however you like, making sure that the edges stick together (take a look at the video). Not sticking? Add a little more water and squeeze the edges together. Repeat to make as many dumplings as you like.
3. Put a wok or deep saucepan on the stove, add vegetable or canola oil and keep on high heat.
4. When the oil is really hot (not smoking as smoking’s no good, but it’s ready when it sizzles as you flick it with water), carefully drop in about four or five dumplings, turning them so the entire dumpling browns. Remove with a strainer, place on a serving bowl lined with paper towels, and repeat in batches, allowing the oil to reheat between each batch.
5. Cover the fried dumplings in powdered sugar, carefully mixing so that each dumpling gets covered. Alternatively, you can set two or three dumplings on a dessert plate and artfully cover them in powdered sugar. If you want to be all delicate-like. Either way, serve these immediately! They’re kind of like zeppoles, but a bit lighter with a wonderful fruit burst.

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