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One for the books

Best wedding logo ever, by Gina Elizabeth Murdock

Gina, our niece, created an image that we loved for our wedding website, save-the-date, the program and our thank you cards. The individual elements are all simple and, when it comes to wedding designs these days, popular ones – bikes, a camera, a book – but combine the three and you have us in a nutshell.

Then, in May, she updated our family logo in honor of the arrival of our little one.


The bikes in the illustration aren’t a tandem – for a reason; we do things differently, and our book collection is no exception.

For the past year, thanks to many of our loved ones, we’ve been building our library together, in a date-by-gift card fashion through afternoons and evenings at Politics & Prose. We often start with a coffee from the downstairs cafe – with a top, you can walk around the bookstore with drink in hand – and then wander, browse, consult, and head home several books heavier.

My husband is methodical and thorough; he’s armed with titles culled from his pile of New York Review of Books, and the books he’s acquired warrant shelf space only once they’ve been read and marginalia-ized, after which they’re arranged by author within general categories. He’s the most generous man I know, but will never lend (or borrow) a book. He rarely re-reads.

I generally spend the time at P&P browsing and end up with an odd assortment. As the daughter and granddaughter of librarians, and having worked as a librarian myself, you’d think I’d have a shelving system. Yet with few exceptions (my Nancy Drew hardbacks, my Beany Malone collection, my Chinese language books and those associated with archives), the books I own can only be found by serendipity, since they’re put on any shelf or windowsill that has room. When I’m organized about it, I try to emboss each new acquisition with our From the Library of stamp, so years down the line a book I pull off the shelf to reread will remind me of the incredible gifts we received.

It’s been fun, continuing to collect books for our library in our first year of marriage.  Here’s to the people who brought them into our lives!

P.S. The newest addition has his own catalog on LibraryThing; it was too overwhelming to start one for our collection, but as his was just beginning it was a fun little side project, one that’s easy to update as additional titles wiggle their way into our home.


Susan - The tricycle is perfect. I have visions of trikes (or red wagon) + boardwalk. Good visions.

Jaamac - A few months ago, I read Codex by Lev Grossman, which might inlvove more the area of rare books than archives . I was attracted to it as I was browsing the shelves because it was a codex with the word Codex on it. How very meta! And I was pleasantly rewarded for picking it up; I did enjoy the novel.

A Trip to the Mall » The Archiphotovist - […] tips on managing personal archives were to be found. And then, continuing our tradition of book-buying dates, we joined the long lines in the Book Sales tent and added some titles to the library as well. […]

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