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Edible Rose

Is that a rose on my plate or did you just get all fancy with the garnish?

Occasionally I’ll be resurrecting some recipes from Reciplay and posting them here. I contributed this particular recipe to the site.

Food Details

The peel looks kinda gross before it’s rolled up into its rose shape, and the skinless tomato definitely looks the worse for wear. Don’t let your guests see the making of, or the magic’s ruined.

1 round tomato with unblemished skin; Optional: 2 sprigs parsley or mint, or 2 “leaves” made from green construction paper. But I don’t really recommend the construction paper.

1. Set out a short, sharp, unserrated knife (a paring or utility knife works well) and a cutting board.

2. Slice off the top of the tomato and discard.

3. Make a small cut in the edge of the skin, near where you just cut off the top, and peel the tomato like it’s an apple, catching as little flesh as possible and continuing until you have completely separated the tomato skin from the meat.

4. Lay out the peel with the flesh side down, and roll it up.

5. Gently move it on the serving plate, add the greens where you see fit, and voila: Rose on a plate.

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