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A Room of One’s Own

The site cries out for a wide angle, but mine is in the shop. So the 50mm and I, with Steve Buscemi on audioguide, explored Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA on a recent rainy day.


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Eastern State Penitentiary closed to inmates in the 1970s, but it’s open for the tourist business daily. The facility also offers an extensive array of resources for those looking to do a bit of research. Each year a few art installations are chosen to be staged in and around the cells; one of the current artworks involved fitting a car behind bars. Also in the Fairmount neighborhood, try Cafe l’Aube for worth-the-wait lattes and crepes (oh for a repeat of le paysan), and Osteria for unforgettable goat cheese and beet-stuffed plin. If you have room for another meal, walk towards the Barnes Foundation for an eclectic, fabulous, and very veggie-friendly brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe. If only we’d had a bit more time to fit in a visit to the Maurice Sendak archives.

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