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Swing Ahead, Splintered Behind

Ann Hamilton’s the event of a thread is no more; the installation closed on January 6. But for a few weeks, the Park Avenue Armory was filled with people swinging, and, thanks to their collective pumping legs, huge white curtains that billowed and peaked and dipped, like visual music or a many-headed Casper the Friendly Ghost. One of us fell off a swing (not me); another of us got a great big splinter in the bottom attempting to take an action shot from the ground (my brilliant move, and sadly none of the swinging shots quite caught the spirit). The Armory floor, it should be noted, isn’t nearly as smooth as the ride on the swing. Which was awesome.

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The Park Avenue Armory is an incredible site; this installation was in the Wade Thompson Drill Hall and while pricey if you just dipped in ($12), it’s the kind of show that had I been traveling, I could have spent all day there just swinging and people-watching.  There’s also a small cafe in one of the adjacent rooms, where you can play a game of chess while sipping your coffee. The 2013 installation/event schedule has not yet been released.

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