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Making Friends with the Neighbors

One should always have a Frank Lloyd Wright next door, don’t you think?

The opportunity to shoot the Marden House last month came courtesy of the National Building Museum. The evening’s host, AOL co-founder Jim Kimsey, opened up both of his houses for the museum’s release of Taliesin Diary: A Year With Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a great story, by the way, how the Marden House came into the Kimsey fold.

The night of the event, it was dark, wet & chilly; to get the second shot here I tiptoed on the icy slush near the pool, willing away visions of my cameras slipping into the cold water.  That would have been quite the bummer. Luckily, despite experiencing a sort of Alice in Wonderland whiplash effect moving back and forth between the “monument to wretched excess” and the Usonian classic, my cameras and I stayed on solid ground.

Check out what else the NBM has up its sleeve for upcoming programs and lectures.

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