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Copy Rights and Wrongs

Back from a long, long time away from home, one of the first orders of business this weekend was sorting (and then hiding from) the accumulated mail.  Over dinner, I read the recent Archival Outlook (a membership publication of the Society of American Archivists); Peter Hirtle’s article caught me up on two legal suits addressing […]

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A Pox on You Both You, Paper Clip, and You, Rubberband

  From time to time archivists & photographers will make guest appearances here on The Archiphotovist. I asked Mary Crauderueff of Organize. Preserve. Simplify to highlight a collection she recently processed. Thanks, Mary,  for sharing your words & photos! For about four weeks this spring I processed the Friends Historical Association papers, which are housed at […]

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What George Wrote in Peas, and on the Back of a Painting

? It’s a bit less existential than a search for the meaning of life, but lately I’ve been struggling with the lovely idea that personal projects have no boundaries other than the ones we prescribe them. Oh to have forethought! Or have someone else have forethought for me. Like those ever popular “number” projects, where […]

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