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Photos for Cal

Today is September 18. It’s also Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Awareness Day. In honor of dear friends whose lives are directly affected by the diagnosis received by their nephew, we’re doing another Shoot for Hope. Here’s how it works: I’ll waive all fees for a family or individual portrait session for the first folks to send […]

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Shoot for Hope

Get two good things in one: A chance to document your family AND help to fund research to treat and eliminate Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) and Pitt Hopkins. In honor of dear friends whose lives are directly affected by the diagnoses received by their son and nephew, I’m celebrating Rare Disease Day by announcing Shoot for Hope. […]

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Two Questions for Franz Jantzen

I love learning from people who love what they do. Occasionally I’ll drop in to see what a particular photographer, or archivist, or librarian, or whathaveyou is doing on any given day, and then follow up with two questions for them to answer for the site. Some folks I already know; others I meet in […]

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Faces of Tracey: Friday’s Back to Basics

Some people change their look with the seasons. Others mourn a breakup with the requisite dramatic haircut, or celebrate one job (employment) with another (dye). Tracey Matthews takes the exercise to a whole new level, radically changing her hair and makeup on an almost daily basis. For one week this spring, Tracey and I met […]

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