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Blueberries for Sal (And Joe, Bob, Susie & Al!)

Occasionally I’ll be resurrecting some recipes from Reciplay and posting them here. I contributed this particular recipe to the site. Food Details These are the simplest, most delicious dessert dumplings you can make. Warn your guests that the blueberries are extremely hot, or be prepared for curses headed your way. Frozen blueberries are a cheaper, […]

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Of Teddy Bears & Bleeding Hearts

We had a lot of fun with Reciplay; yes, we did. We also got a little punchy towards the end. That’s the only way I can explain how we decided to make pasta and then serve it up following a knife attack. Be warned; the photos get increasingly graphic. And delicious. Occasionally I’ll be resurrecting […]

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On Deals, Promotions, Giveaways and Giving Back

Bid on me this Friday May 18th 6-9:30pm in the North Hall at Eastern Market! Last fall I ran a deal with Certifikid, which was a great partnership. Since then, I offer deals exclusively through The Archiphotovist and Anne McDonough Photography – so check back often to see what’s cooking. As a business and personally, […]

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What George Wrote in Peas, and on the Back of a Painting

? It’s a bit less existential than a search for the meaning of life, but lately I’ve been struggling with the lovely idea that personal projects have no boundaries other than the ones we prescribe them. Oh to have forethought! Or have someone else have forethought for me. Like those ever popular “number” projects, where […]

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