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A Trip to the Mall

Along with what seemed like the rest of the world, we braved the heat on Saturday for some time well spent at the National Book Festival. I headed right to the Library of Congress pavilion, where a technology graveyard & some excellent tips on managing personal archives were to be found. And then, continuing our […]

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A Pox on You Both You, Paper Clip, and You, Rubberband

  From time to time archivists & photographers will make guest appearances here on The Archiphotovist. I asked Mary Crauderueff of Organize. Preserve. Simplify to highlight a collection she recently processed. Thanks, Mary,  for sharing your words & photos! For about four weeks this spring I processed the Friends Historical Association papers, which are housed at […]

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Project! (she squealed and clapped her hands)

Did I date myself by that Clueless reference? Anyhoo. Inspired by Preservation Week, I’ve spent some time working on personal projects that could use some…preserving. Working might be too strong of a word. Contemplating is more like it. But baby steps, as long as they’re forward-leaning, are steps nonetheless. In no particular order here are […]

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Preservation Week 2012

The Society of American Archivists (SAA), American Library Association (ALA), the Library of Congress (LOC), the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and many other institutions have banded together to bring attention to the issue of preservation in the cultural heritage realm. Collections maintained by archives, library, museum, other cultural organizations, and those of […]

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