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Blueberries for Sal (And Joe, Bob, Susie & Al!)

Occasionally I’ll be resurrecting some recipes from Reciplay and posting them here. I contributed this particular recipe to the site. Food Details These are the simplest, most delicious dessert dumplings you can make. Warn your guests that the blueberries are extremely hot, or be prepared for curses headed your way. Frozen blueberries are a cheaper, […]

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Of Teddy Bears & Bleeding Hearts

We had a lot of fun with Reciplay; yes, we did. We also got a little punchy towards the end. That’s the only way I can explain how we decided to make pasta and then serve it up following a knife attack. Be warned; the photos get increasingly graphic. And delicious. Occasionally I’ll be resurrecting […]

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The Domain That Got Away

Once upon a time, three friends put together a web site for a class project on information technology. But it wasn’t just any web site; it was an interactive culinary masterpiece. The friends loved creating this web site; it was a chance to cook together, and photograph, and video intricate steps and share dishes that […]

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Is It Cheating On A TV Diet If The TV’s in A Repository?

Friends, I’ve made it to – let’s count them – Day 17 of having a television-less household. Before we get too far, Let It Be Known I am not anti-tv. I am simply someone with too many things I want to do, and yet zero self-discipline to get them done when there is the possibility […]

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