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Project! (she squealed and clapped her hands)

Did I date myself by that Clueless reference? Anyhoo. Inspired by Preservation Week, I’ve spent some time working on personal projects that could use some…preserving. Working might be too strong of a word. Contemplating is more like it. But baby steps, as long as they’re forward-leaning, are steps nonetheless. In no particular order here are […]

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Who are you? Who, who, who, who?

Archivists, newspapers, historians, researchers, genealogists, regular folks – we all rely on accurate captions to add to the information provided by an image itself. And sometimes, we could use a helping hand. Now, these days it’s easy to caption images from a portrait session – you’re dealing with one to a few people. It’s easy […]

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Thoughts on Watermarking

  I disable right-clicking here on the blog and on my portfolio site. I provide un-watermarked, high res edited images to clients, as well as low res edited images that can be uploaded to social media sites, also without a watermark. When uploading images directly to Facebook, however, other than the tiny thumbnails that go […]

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Relationship Building Exercise

Portrait sessions have become a much bigger part of my landscape this past year, both through business design and personal inclination. Unlike events or inanimate objects or locations, there’s an intimacy assumed – not presumed, as you have to work on it, but taken on – when a person allows themselves to be photographed. It’s […]

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